Duplin Lanier Estate Records (deaths & Notes)

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Duplin Lanier Estate Records (deaths & Notes)

Thomas Lanier 1787  Will  James, Jesse, Stephen, John, Fanny, Anne Murray,  
Elizabeth  Lanier.   Bros. John Lanier and Benjamin Lanier.  m: Sarah Mills:

John Lanier 1791  admin James and Jesse Lanier

Thomas Lanier 1800     Elizabeth:
John, Fannie, Jesse, Stephen, and Elizabeth

John Lanier  1799 Will  Lewis, Bird, James, Benjamin, Jesse, and John Lanier         
4 daughters.     Wife: Ann?  Son of Thomas Bird Lanier.  Wit. John Carlton

Jesse  Lanier 1802  m: Sarah Whaley 23 Dec. 1779   Child Sarah
Bird Lanier  1802   Hannah:   Benjamin Admin

1802	Timothy Murphy died.  Wife Barbary
Hiers: Barbary Murphy, Thomas Lanier, Anc? Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Easther 
Murphy, and Henry Murphy.

William Murphy 1804 died 2nd wife was Elizabeth Wells. Issue: 1-Esther, Ann, 
Elizabeth,  and Henry. Timothy Murphy was the son of William Murphy and wife #1.

Lewis Lanier  1810  heirs: Benjamin, John, James, Jesse, Elizabeth, Mary Ann 
Lanier and  John Rainer, ____ Hollingsworth (Wm).  4A265  P/O Benjamin Lanier 
patient. Sold to John Rainer 200a for $5.

James Lanier 1811 Widow: Orphans William, Lewis, Darcas, James, & Mary Lanier.    
Nathan Waller, John Lanier, and Ison Lanier Admin

Jesse Lanier 1813    John Lanier Admin

Jesse  Lanier 1814    admin John Lanier

Benjamin Lanier 1817

John Lanier 1782-1820 Will m:Mrs. Esther Murphy:  Sampson Co.  Betty Jane, 
Hillery G.  Murphy, Nancy, and Betsey.   Bro.  Thomas Lanier    Son of Jesse 

Benjamin Lanier of New Hanover sold Duplin land c1820 to:
Stephen Lanier $18  62a d7a-75   $100  400a  d7a-269
Zebulon Lanier  $25  100a  d7a-277
Jesse Lanier      $25  84a   d7a-270

Bird  Lanier 1823  424 acres  Sally (Halso):   Nancy,   John Lanier Home 

1827 Timothy Murphy  died Will    wife  Mary  Issue:
David, William, Henry, Jemiama, Phebe, Timothy W. Murphy, and Mary Jane.

Jesse Lanier 1829   Will   Zilpha: 1832 Will   Pearsall, Elizabeth, Zilpha, 
Mitty, Jane, Spicy, Sealy, and Holden 1805-        gs Obed, Thursay,  Admin 
James Williams

Owen Lanier  1829  and wife Mary Land:   1.  2.   3.    her bro. John Land dec'd. 
8a-147  Sold to Stephen Lanier 68a for $68.

1829 Spious Lanier died  wife  Katherine    admin  C. Padgett

1829 Zebulon Lanier died, wife  Linda:   Benjamin Admin   dau. Catherine Ann

1830 Linda Lanier was a widow.

1833  Timothy W. Murphy died.  Had one slave

1834 John Lanier died   wife  Amy:   Admin  Benjamin Lanier

1835 John  Lanier died  wife  Ann:  6b-228

1835 Mehalea Lanier was the dau. Of James B. Williams.   D8b-11  m: Benjamin L.

Benjamin Lanier 1836 New Hanover wife:     Ivy Lanier,  Larkin Lanier, and Hosey 
Lanier   d18-201

Hosea Lanier 1838 to son Rhaford Lanier.  d1-5-10-14-15 page 291

Stephen Lanier c1775-1839     Dennis 1804-1872 Admin  No Names on Inventory & 
Sales Items.

1843 John Lanier married Charlotte Pollock the dau. of William Pollock. D17-95

Isham Lanier c1780-1844  Will  (2)Nancy:  Keziah Casteen, Peggy Jane Lanier, 
Isham Lanier, Hosea  Franklin Lanier and Dicy Casteen.    Gs: James Marion and 
Benjamin Franklin, (1)? Gibson LANIER, b. ca 1805, marr. Hester ____, 2? Byrd 
LANIER, b. ca 1818, 

Hosea Lanier 1845  453acres   Millerry:    Rhaford Lanier Admin, divide by 

Jacob Lanier  1846  Lotty:   Benjamin Admin

1846 Timothy Murphy died.

John Lanier 1846   Charlotte:1780-1851  admin. Benjamin Lanier

Owen Lanier c1772-1847 wife: Allen, Spious, Rhaford, John J. Rainer, Genyard 
Rainer, Jason Rainer.

1849 Sarah Murphy died.   James Carr admin.

1851 Anna Rainer was the wife of Hosea Lanier and dau. Of Mitty Rainer d20-403.

1851 David J. and Jesse Lanier sold 694a for $400 to Eddy L. Lanier  d20-403

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