The John Washington Kornegay Bible
Transcribed by William L. Thaxton, Major, UASF (ret)

The Kornegay Bible is currently in the possession of Elizabeth Ann Dail Craft of 
Kenansville, NC.  Mrs. Craft is a direct descendant of George Kornegay, a German 
Palatine immigrant and the first of his name to arrive in this country.  Some 
researchers speculate that all Kornegays in this area, and possibly in the United 
States, are descended from George Kornegay.  Transcription of the information 
contained in the Kornegay Bible is by permission of Mrs. Craft and was 
accomplished by William L. Thaxton, Major, UASF (ret).  The transcriber has 
attempted to be true to the actual document and spellings, grammar, etc. reflect 
the original.  It must be understood that, when reading flowery script written 
in 150 year old ink or pencil, occasional mistakes in transcription will occur.  
Every effort was made to confirm questionable characters, especially initials 
and names, with complimentary sources.  Any remaining mistakes are solely those 
of the transcriber.

The Kornegay Bible is a leather bound book, approximately 9" X 11", consisting 
of about 850 pages.  When new, there may have been 10 or so additional pages of 
index but these have become detached over the years.  The Bible consists of 
fairly standard renderings of the Old and New Testaments plus a center section 
of about 100 pages which contains 13 books of the Apocrypha.  There is no 
frontspiece or title page as such at the beginning of the Bible, but there is a 
title page for the New Testament which lists a publication date of 1842 and the 
publisher as H. & E. Phinney, Cooperstown, NY.

Transcriber's note:  Where letters or words are in question, I have used the 
following notation - (?) indicates that the proceeding word is questionable, a 
"best guess";  -?- indicates an unknown word in the indicated place, no 
reasonable guess;  one or more ?? within a word indicate letters which could not 
be deciphered.

INSIDE FRONT COVER:  several notes which seem to constitute a short journal.

"December 23, 1867 warm & the next morning rainy & warm the next few & warmer 
28 clear & warm"

"May the 18 day 1875 a large frost & very cold.  J. W. Kornegay"

"August the 31, 1886 a shakeen of the Earth about 10 o'clock at knight cause 
a grate deal of excitement."

 " Sept the 19 day, 1886 C. W. Kornegay fell & broake her arme at the spring (?)"

"Snow the 26 of April, 1858"


"John W. Kornegay's Bible bought of Jeremiah Pearsall the 14th of March, 
the 1846.  Price $2.2?"

On the reverse of that page:

"April the 26 day, 1858 it snowed a large."

ON THE ILLUSTRATION Abraham and Three Angels:

"J. W. Kornegay Born January 13th day 1818.  This April the 15th day 1866."

BETWEEN PAGES 422 & 423: 

 There is a short tract titled Esau or The Ruinous Bargin with the inscription 
 - "Ashley S. Kornegay his pamphlet a gift by Harget Kornegay his Grand father 
 the 20th of Jany (?) 1856".  Inside the pamphlet is a scrap of paper with the 
 signature "Ashley S. Kornegay".  At the bottom of the last page of the pamphlet 
 are the initials "A. S. H."

AT THE END OF THE OLD TESTAMENT:  Between the end of the Old Testament and the 
beginning of the Apocrypha are several documents including:
1.	an article from the Mt. Olive Tribune (March 18, 1975) which references 
Polly Kornegay and Stephen Gilmore Watkins.
2.	a handwritten notice, apparently original, of the estate sale of Harget 
Kornegay (Sept 25, 1875)
3.	several newspaper clippings, apparently letters to the editor, dating from 
about 1875.
4.	a small clipping about Harget Kornegay in the Civil War.
5.	a handwritten list, apparently a copy of census records, showing several 
6.	a one page tract with the lyrics to the song Dedicated to the Wild Men of 
7.	an obituary for Council Wooten.
8.	an account bill from John Bennett to Oliver -?- dated Feb 24, 1854.
and several other documents.

(Last Entry)

FAMILY RECORDS SECTION (located between the Old Testament and the Apocrypha):


"John Washington Kornegay & Clarisa Wadsworth Loftin married the 14 of April 1842"

"Annie W. Kornegay & Henry Dail was married February the 5th 1874.  The daughter 
of J. W. Kornegay & C. W. Kornegay & the son of Bryant Dail & and Bettie Dail."

"Joseph P. Whitfield & Clarissa C. Kornegay married the 25 day of July 1866."

"John L. Kornegay and Saphronia Grimes was married the 10th day of December 1874.  
the  son J. W. Kornegay and C. W. Kornegay and the daughter of David Grimes & 
Mary Grimes."

"J. P. Whitfield and Mary Kornegay was married the 8th day of Dec 1878."

"Peter Harget Kornegay and Elsa Ann Swinson was married Jan the 27th 1881."

"Peter H. Kornegay & Cora M. Nethercut was married 3th of Oct 1883."

(Last Entry)


"John Washington Kornegay born the 13 of January 1818."

"Clarissa Wadsworth Loftin was born the 22 of May 1819."

"Ashley Simmons Kornegay born the 17 of October 1844."

"Benjamin Franklin Kornegay born the 9 of June 1846."

"Clarissa Caroline Kornegay born the 18 of June 1848."

"John Lewis Kornegay born the 5 of May 1850."

"Ann Winnifred Kornegay was born -?- May 24th 1852"  (year repeated below the line)

"Ann Winnifred Kornegay was born the May 24 1853."  (entry repeated)

"Peter Harget Kornegay born the 4 October 1854"

"Albert Bram Well Kornegay & Elbert Loftin Kornegay born June the 22, 1857."

"John W. Kornegay twins born December the 16 day 1842.  One born deed the other 
lived 7 days"

"Children of J. P. Whitfield & C. C. Whit-"

" Dora Fernandeo was born the 17th day of August 1867."

"Ashley Haywood Whitfield was born the 2nd day of April 1870."

"George Washington Whitfield was born the 25th day of March 1872."

"Effer Fernella Whitfield was born the 14th of February 1874."

(Transcriber's note:  the preceeding 5 entries are all in the same hand and the 
same color ink indicating they may have all been made at the same time and not 
as the births occurred.)

"Elsa Anna Kornegay born December 1 day 1881 her mother dide the same day in 
abut 4 hours on Thursday Evening about Five o'clock."

(Last Entry)


"Elbert Loftin Kornegay Decd July 31th day 1857."

"Albert Bram Well Kornegay Decd Sept 11 day 1857."

"Ashley S. Kornegay Decd July the 16 1864 he dide in Richmond in Chim???  
 -?-   house (?) hittle (hotel?) he was 19 years and 9 months likeing one day 
 when he died."

"Clarissa C. Whitfield decd October the 23 day 1877."

"Elsa A. Kornegay Decd the 1 day of December 1881."

"Needham Loftin Sr.(?) Decds March 27th 1860."

"Elizabeth Loftin Decd July 28th, 1843."

"Catheren Kornegay Decd June the 23 day 1867."

"Needham Loftin Jr. decd November 9th 1868."

"Harget Kornegay Sen (Senior?) Decd 18th of August 1875."
(following  this entry is the notation "Ten Jobe 14 14" in pencil by a 
different hand.)

"Susanna Kornegay Decd the 7 of June 1881."

"Elsa A. Kornegay daughter of P. H. Kornegay died 4th September 1882."

"Julia A. H.(?) Hill Decd June 7th 1883."

In the margins of this page:

"Julia Hill Decd June the 7 day 1883." (entry repeated)

" Mary  -?-  Whitfield Dec March the 16 day 1884."

(Last Entry)


"December the 29 1866 commence snowing & snowe & sleeted for five days it was 
the largest I ever saw.  J. W. Kornegay"

Clipping - Obituary for Jane Elizabeth Kennedy (B: March 27 1840 - D:  October 9 
1895).  Married Zachariah Brown (killed in Civil War) and Harget Kornegay.  Had 
five children, four of which died before 1895.  Survived by husband (Harget?), 
one daughter and her mother.

Clipping - Obituary for J. W. Kornegay.  Died April 6, 1887 of "Larynx 
Consumption" (age 69).  Survived by wife.

Clipping - Obituary for Susanna Kornegay, wife of Harget Kornegay, Sr.  Died 
June 7, 1881, age 82, leaving 14 children and 86 grandchildren.

(Last Entry)

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