Ivey Family Article

The Pioneering Ivey Family

Reprinted with permission of the Mt. Olive Tribune and cannot be 
reproduced without permission. 

"Our Heritage"  

By Claude Moore

One day last week, I ran up with one of my former students at Mount Olive,
Lorraine Ivey Kornegay. She suggested that I might like to write something
about the pioneer Ivey family. I am glad to do this. There are many 
descendants of the early Iveys in Sampson, Wayne & Duplin counties.

The Ivey family originated in France where they were known as St. Ives.
They migrated to England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. The Iveys
prospered in England & according to the records they were fanatical in
their devotion to the Church of England.

Thomas Ivey, born in England in 1604, married Ann Argent, the daughter of
George Argent of Middlesex, England. They migrated to Elizabeth River 
Parish, Norfolk County, Virginia in 1635. Thomas Ivey is believed to have
been a son of Sir George Ivey & his wife, Lettice Culpepper. Thomas
Ivey died in 1653 & left four sons; Thomas, George, William & a daughter,

Thomas Ivey II (1636-1684) married, lived in Virginia & had the following
children: Thomas III, Anthony, Lemuel, Agnes, Elizabeth & Frances. 

Thomas Ivey III (1670-1744) married & settled in Beaufort County, NC, around
1702. Their children were: John, Thomas, William, Robert & Henry.

Robert Ivey (born 1720) married & bought land in Craven County in 1750.
They had at least two sons: Robert II & John. 

Robert Ivey II married & received land grants in Dobbs County as early as

John Ivey (1750-1805) married Miss Moseley, probably from LaGrange, settled
on the north side of the Neuse River near Whitehall at what is known as
the old John Ivey Place. The house is still standing. Dr. Henry B. Ivey
of Goldsboro & most of the Duplin & Wayne Iveys are descended from John.

John Ivey (died 1693), the son of Thomas & Ann Argent Ivey, the first 
settlers, married Mary Joyce. They had a son, John Ivey (1677-1753) who
married & patented land in Prince George & Surry counties in Virginia.
They had several children among whom was a son, Thomas Ivey who died (1796)
who married Ann Gilbert & migrated from Dinwiddie County, Virginia to
Duplin (now Sampson) in 1766 & settled on a plantation on Turkey Swamp. He
had two brothers, John Ivey & William Ivey who settled in Duplin County.

Thomas & Ann Gilbert Ivey had the following children: Captian Curtis Ivey
(1759-1792) who married Sarah Routledge & lived on a plantation near
Turkey, later known as the Kirby Place; Amelia Ivey (1771-1840) who married
Elisha Faison & lived on a plantation near Turkey; Charlotte Ivey who
married James Faison; Lucy Ivey (1757-1819) who married Captain James
Thompson & lived near Turkey; Rebecca Ivey; Elizabeth Ivey who married 
Jethro Oates & lived near Faison; & Thomas Ivey (died 1813) died unmarried.

Curtis Ivey was a Captain in the Continental Army, first Clerk of Court of
Sampson County & one-time secretary of the North Carolina Society of the
Cincinnati. He is buried in the Moore Cemetery near Turkey, NC.

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