Updated Houston Family, Bannerman and Player Family Genealogy

Contributed By Sherri L. Schrat

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  • Updated file on William Houston's descendants

    The Bannerman and Player Families originated from New Hanover county. I have only done enough research on these families to identify Sam and his relationship to the Houston's of Duplin Co. and also to identify some of the people mentioned in his letter. I do plan on doing more work on these families as time allows, but I thought I would give you what I have so far to post with the letter.
    I believe you already have a copy of this posted. This pdf is much more ledgible and even shows the color of the paper it was written on. It was light blue - ledger sized then folded in the center for 4 pages. (Nothing was written on the 4th) Folded it still forms an odd sized legal page - I am having to order special storage for some of the originals due to their odd size.
  • Sam Player Letter

  • Letter from Sam Player to Ned Houston

  • Player Descendants

  • Bannerman Descendants

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