Estate Record for William Pearce ~ 1780

Contributed by: Joan S Dunn

  Source: North Carolina State Archives Written: April 1780 William Pearse Junr. Estate Files of Duplin Co, NC Duplin Co. Rev. War Soldier from Wilmington Dist. # 763 (Roster of NC Soldiers) 'Known Military Dead During the Am. Rev. War 1775-1783' (Peterson) states William Pierce, Pvt NC died 1779 Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution By North Carolina D A R, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution of North Carolina, Gertrude May Sloan Hay p. 407 Militia William Pierce #763 Wilmington Dist Militia Snowden Pierce #2116 Wilmington Dist Served with Lt. Joseph Grimes NC Archives filed under "William Parse" estate files (separated from William Pearce estate files): Recived of Joseph Grimes administrator to the estate of William Parse junar Deceast the full sum of six hundred and Eight pounds three ---- Shillings and three pance Curancy of this state it Being my Equal part of my Brothar William Parsas Estate Decest it being in full all Duty & use and Demands I say Recived by this 20th day of Jenuary 1781 test Snodon Pearce Sarah (S) Grimes her mark Estate Papers from NC Archives on William Pearce of Duplin Co, NC: Duplin County April Court 1780 Ordered that Thomas Routledge, James Gillespie and Charles Ward Esquires be a Committee to State and Settle the accounts of the Estate of William Pearce, deceased with Joseph Grimes Administrator and Reporte the same to the next Court. Certified by Order of the Court Wm. Dickson C. C. (on back of paper): Tho. Routledge Jas. Gillespie Charles Ward committee Duplin County July Court 1780 Thomas Routledge, Charles Ward and James Gillespie who were a Committee appointed by the last Court to State and Settle the accounts of the Estate of William Pearse Deceased with Joseph Grimes Administrator of said Estate - have Settled and report as follows herein: That there is a balance in the hands of Joseph Grimes Administrator, of money D??? to the ?sins of the said William Pearse Deceased to the Amount of Five Thousand on hundred and Sixty-five pounds, five Shillings and Sixty Pence, as aforesaid ??? ??? Sundry Vouchers filed in the Clerks office which Reporte the Court has Concurred with ??. True Copy from the Minutes of the Court Test W. Dickson C.C. (on back of paper): Account of the Settlement of Pearses Estate July Court 1780 January 20th 1783 Then Rec'd of Joseph Grimes Adm'tr of the Estate of William Pearce Jr. Dec'd. Six hundred and Eight pounds three Shillings & three pence Currency & being my full Share of my Said Brother's Estate I say Received by me --- her Zilpha Pearce mark (on back of paper): Zilpha peirce came in to Court & acknowledged the within Rec't whereas there with Contint J. Lockhart Zilpha Pearce to Joseph Grimes Rec't September the 3 1783 Now receivede of John Twillivenet Eleven pound then Shrting spase on the behalf of Joseph Grimes it being in part towards my part equil devs'd of my brother William pearce Estate Decet I Say Received by me Archie pearce (this appears to be in his own handwriting....) Duplin County July Court 1784 Ordered that James Pearsall, W. M. Gowens and Isaac Hunter be a Committee to Settle the Accounts of the Estate of William Pearse Deceased between Joseph Grimes Administrator and the Orphans of the said Deceased and make Reporte thereof to the Next Court. Ordered also that the Clerk do furnish the said Committee with a copy of the Accounts of the Sales of the said Estate which are in his office Test: W. Dickson C.C. (on back): James Pearsall W. M. Gowens & Isaac Hunter Committee 1784 ??? Titelled J. Pearsall ?? We the Subscribers Being a Committee appointed to Settle the Estate of Wm Pearce Decsd with Joseph Grimes Admr So say that he is Indebted to the Orphans not paid Being four - is 31.6.8 Agreeable to Seale ------ 20th of Janry 1785 Wm Best Wm Kenan William Southerland (added): The persons What is to Receive the above Sum is Micajah Pearce, Naomy Pearce, Ruthe Pearce and Wm Alicksander Pearce (on back): Settlement of the Estate of Wm Pearse Deceased, concurred with Jany Court 1785 State of No. Carolina To the Sheriff of Duplin County Greeting By order of the Court you are hereby required to Notice Joseph Grimes Adminis'r of William Pearse Deceased to be & appear before the next Court in Duplin on the third Monday of April next in order to Render to the said Court an Account of his Administration of said Estate herein fail not. Witness William Dickson Clerk of the said Court at Duplin the 19th day of January Anno Dom. 1787 W. Dickson C.C.

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