Estate Record for Joseph Rhodes ~ 1775

Contributed by: Joan S Dunn

  Source: Estate Records, N.c. State Archives Written: February 17, 1775 Estate of Joseph RHODES, Deceased. Duplin County, N.C. Transcribed by Sloan Mason Joseph RHODES, who died in 1775 was a very rich man of his time. The 1st inventory of his estate lists 7 pages of estate items. Account of Sales of the Estate of Joseph RHODES Deceased Friday, 17th February 1775, began and went throught March 20th, 1775 (only names will be listed) Ann RHODES William RHODES James BUTLER John WILLIAMS Armiger HALL Thomas GRAY Needham BRYAN William ODOM John GILBERT Alex KENAN Jesse WARD Jesse McLendon Robert BUTLER Joseph SLOCUMB Dempsey CANADY Willis PIPKIN Richard ODOM Hezekiah WALKER James BUTLER Absalom PORTER William JACKSON William BOST Bray HARGRAVES William BASS Thomas STRICKLING James BUTLER Felix KENAN Francis HILL John ROACH Nathan WILLIAMS William RHODES, Senr. Jacob BRADBURY Thomas LITTLE John BUSH, Junr. Barnaby STEVENS James MCCLENEY Joshua GRANTHAM Joseph GODWIN Jesse MCCLENDON William RHODES, Junr. John GILBERT Absolum PORTER Joshua JORDAN Dempsey CANADY George MILLER Robert KEY Benjamin DAUGHTRY Thomas GIBBS Jeremiah WHITMAN John DODD John THOMPSON Benjamin GALL Shadrach DEES Henry SMITH William STRICKLAND James SACKERMY William NEWMAN Bedridden CARAWAY James MOOR John MAGEE Benjamin JOINER Thomas GRANTHAM Josiah WHITNEY William NEWMAN Samuel STRICKLAND Thomas POWELL William STEVENS Benjamin WILLIAMS Jeremiah WHITMAN Absalom PORTER Josiah MANOR William DEWACKS Andrew ANDREAS Elisha PIPKIN Robert TEW Joseph SLOCUMB Solomon STATEN Peribal CLAY John THORNTON Robert ALLEN William MCLAM Moses MACLAMORE William GRANTHAM Richard BASS, Jr. William TUCKER Daniel BOWING William VANN Josiah BENTON Jacob WAREING Robert RAWLINGS Steven GANEY John GANEY Charles MERRITT William REGISTER Robert MERRITT James? HADDOCK William ROBERSON Henry VANN Thomas REGISTER Edward SHEARMAN Thomas FEELWOOD? Timothy BLOODWORTH George HOLDEN George IZZELL William STEVENS John Sampson YOUNG Samuel PORTER Matthew PARKER At a Vandue began and held at the Plantation of Joseph RHODES deceased on Thursday Augst. 24, 1775 the following articles belonging to the Estate of said RHODES were Sold to the under mentioned persons viz: Ann RHODES William BALL Francis HILL William VANN Kinchin KITCHIN Winnnefred YOUNG Joseph VICK Sampson WARD John BUSH Jesse WARD Moses MACKLIMORE State of North Carolina Duplin County We the under named persons being appointed as a committee to Divide the Estate of Joseph RHODES deceased with the widow and orphans we find the widows part Ann RHODES wife of the deceased to be--- William RHODES son of the Deceased his part. James RHODES son of the Deceased his part Douzillah RHODES daughter of the deceased her part Rhodah RHODES daughter of the Deceased her part Maryan Rhodes daughter of the deceased her part A True Division except fraction certified by us this 31st of Octr. 1777. R.C. CLINTON Edw. TOOLE James MOORE October Court 1777 State of North Carolina Duplin County Ordered that Richard CLINTON, Edward TOOLE and James MOORE Esquires, be Appointed a Committee to Settle and Divide the Estate of Joseph RHOADS, Deceased Between the Orphans and the Widow of the said Deceased According to Law, and that They make report thereof to the next Court, And that the clerk make out a copey of the amount of sales of the said Estate for that Purpose. Certified by Order of the Court. Wm. DICKSON, CC.

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