List of Estate Records for 1752-1930 Jackson-James, Nicanor
James, Richard-Jernagan, Elizabeth

Contributed by: Fran Powell

  Contributors note: As you know, when info such as these lists is found in boxes at the Archives, one cannot order them. A hands-on search must be done. "DUPLIN COUNTY ESTATES RECORDS, NO DATE, 1752-1930 Jackson - James, Nicanor C.R.035.508.43" and "DUPLIN COUNTY ESTATES RECORDS, NO DATE, 1752-1930 JAMES, RICHARD - JERNAGAN, ELIZABETH C.R.035.508.44" The folders are James, Barbara 1860 James, D.H. 1910 James, David 1891 James, Grizzeal 1817 James, Isaac 1855 James, Isaac 1891 James, J.L. ca.1907 James, Jacob 1911 James, James 1798 James, John 1916 James, John J. 1855 James, Mary 1831 James, Nicanor 1848 James, Richard n.d. James, Richard 1756 James, Robert 1915 James, Sena 1891 James, Thomas 1797

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