Letter To the Duplin Riflemen

Contributed by Ada Dunn

To the Duplin Riflemen
From the young Ladies of the Baptist Seminary,
Air the old north Sates,
To the brave boyes of Duplin who fearing no danger,
Go fourth now to battle with men who are Strangers.,
We offer our hearts rich love and devotion,
And bid you God speed with deepest emotion.
Chours} Away  Away, defend while you may,
              The once happy house of the good old North States.
Let northern oppressors be driven away boys,
Give place here to Davis and Stevens we say boys
Let the foes of our cuntry whom we have appealed too,.
Finally had suthern power and feel suthern steele too.'
            Away and Away & c.
To the warfare then hasten our braves Duplin Brothers.,
With the warm prayers of friends of sisters and mothers,
Our hopes and your safety all now depend on you,
may God give victory and safely return you.
            Away, Away, & c.
December, th 9 1861

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