"Other" Free Heads of Households

    This page contains information on other free heads of households in the 1800, 1810 & 1820 census.
    "Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1800 North Carolina Census
    Carter, Edward 5 Duplin County 
    Carter, Man 6 Duplin
    Blizzard, John 6 Duplin County 
    Carter, Solomon 4-3 Duplin County 
    King, Massy? 3 Duplin County 
    Deavis, James? 3 Duplin County 
    Deavis, John 3 Duplin County 
    Brooks, Elizabeth 2 Duplin County 
    Gibbs, Bathsheba 5 Duplin County 
    Greenfield, Abam? 2 Duplin County 
    Carter, Davis? 9 Duplin County 
    Carter, Alexander 4 Duplin County 
    "Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 North Carolina Census
    Hines, Daniel 9 Duplin Co. p 644
    "Free Colored" Heads of Household in the 1820 North Carolina Census
    (Microfilm M33, reels 80-85)
    A Color, Zilpha 22-2211 Duplin page 181
    Carter, Alexander 0210-1001 sl=12-2101 Duplin page 189
    Nickings, Jonathan 2210-0210 Duplin page 189
    Waterman, Sally 1-1111 sl= 1202-2110 Duplin page 189

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