Duplin County Third Regiment 1812 Muster Rolls

This is a listing of the Third Regiment 1812 Muster Rolls in Duplin County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Isaac Allen 
Jonathan Allen 
John Barfile 
 John Beardan 
John Bennet 
John Bishop 
Owen Bishop  
Theophilus Blout 
James Borcy 
Moses Bourdeaux 
Charles Bowan 
Reading Bowden 
John F. Bowey 
Henry Boyt   
David Brock  
Jesse Brock  
Thomas Brock 
Joseph Brooks 
Joseph Sen. Brooks 
Joel Burham 
Daneil Cannon 
Samuel Chambers 
William Connerly 
George Cummings 
Thomas Davis  
Henry Deal  
Patrick Ezell 
David Farrier 
John Farrier 
William Farrier 
David Floan
Tobias Fountain 
William Fountain 
Abraham 2 Do Glisson 
Stephen H. Glisson 
Isaac Gore 
John T. Ens Grady
Samuel Grier 
Jesse Grimes 
Lemuel Guy 
Felic Hancock
 William Hardison 
Alexander Heath 
Benjamin Herring 
John Hines
Henry Hollingsworth 
John E. Capt. Hussey 
Allen Jones 
Daniel Jones 
Elijah Jones 
Jonas Jones 
Nathan Jones 
Thomas Jones
Daniel Kenady 
Solomon Kenady 
Nathan Kennady 
Noah Lanier 
Elam Lea 
William MacNer 
George Mallard 
Jacob Mallard
Michael Matthews 
Richard Matthews 
Archibald McCaleb 
Bennet Millard 
John Jun. Miller
Henry Moore 
James Morris 
Nathan Murray 
Stephen Noles 
James Norriss 
William Jun. Nuthercut  
John Oneal 
Caleb Ostien 
Daniel Parker 
Benjamin Pearce 
John Pollock 
Enock Quin
Benjamin Rivenbark 
Nicholas Rogers
Lewis Rouse 
William Sandler 
James Scarborough 
Reding Smith
Joseph Sollace 
Henry Sommerlin 
William Streets
 James Stuart 
Dickson Sullivan 
Felix Sullivan 
Daniel Swinson 
John Swinson
John 3 Do Swinson
Isaac Taylor 
Jacob Taylor 
David Teachey 
Caldwell Thalley 
Lemuel Thigper  
James Wade 
Amos J. 1lt Walker 
R Joseph Walle 
William White 
Byrd Williams 
Theophilus Williams 
Isaac Wilson 

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