Roberts-Quinn Cemetery

Duplin County North Carolina

Surveyed by Sharon Dail Normark
resurveyed by Myra & Keith Lanier March 2007

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Roberts-Quinn Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Located on Beautancus Road at the intersection of Maysville School Road on the left just past the intersection.

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    GPS Coordinates:
    35.09622 N
    78.00947 W

    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Charles E. Watson 8-6-1929 to 5-8-2001 ___________________________ Sallie G. Joyner 2-19-1887 to 3-6-1954 ___________________________ Calhoun H. Joyner 9-30-1880 to 3-5-1954 ___________________________ Lillian L. Joyner 4-13-1918 to 11-12-2004 ___________________________ Alton Joyner 5-15-1913 to 11-30-1960 ___________________________ Infant Daughter of B. C. & Annie Roberts 8-10-1948 to NOD ___________________________ Annie M. Roberts 6-27-1913 to 12-25-2002 [Note: This is Bertice Carlyle Roberts 2nd wife, Annie Caraway Miller] ___________________________ Brtuce Carl Roberts, Sr. 9-1-1897 to 7-15-1977 [Note: Bertice Carlyle Roberts is the son of Henry Preston and Mary Melissa West Roberts] ___________________________ Nancy Katherine Roberts 8-9-1891 to 12-30-1938 [Note: This is Bertice Carlyle Roberts 1st wife, Nancy Katherine Powell] ____________________________ Infant Daughter of A. P. & Elizabeth Royall 1-15-1938 to NOD ____________________________ Elizabeth Roberts Wife of A. P. Royall 12-19-1912 to 1-19-1938 [Note: This is Frances Elizabeth Roberts daughter of Henry Preston and Mary Melissa West Roberts] ____________________________ Arthur P Royal 3-16-1900 to 9-4-1945 ____________________________ Robert W. Royall 8-26-1934 to 12-10-1955 [Note: Robert West Royall is the son of Arthur P and Frances Elizabeth Roberts Royall] ____________________________ Ned Roberts 2-12-1905 to 5-22-1970 [Note: Edward Gasby "Ned" Roberts is the son of Henry Preston and Mary Melissa West Roberts] ____________________________ Margaret Joyner Wife Of Ned Roberts 8-9-1907 to 12-30-1989 _____________________________ Infant Daughter of Ed & Margaret Roberts 9-14-1928 To NOD ______________________________ Jerry Lee Roberts 11-1-1927 to 5-16-1928 [Note: He is the son of Jesse James and Mary Ellen Roberts Quinn] ______________________________ Melissa West Wife of Henry Roberts 11-24-1872 to 1-24-1938 [Note: This is Mary Melissa West daughter of Julius and Nancy Solomon West] ______________________________ Henry Roberts 3-15-1871 to 8-18-1951 [Note: This is Henry Preston Roberts son of James Bryan and Mary Frances Millard Roberts] ______________________________ Mary R. Quinn 5-6-1908 to 5-14-1980 [Note: This is Mary Ellen Roberts daughter of Henry Preston and Mary Melissa West Roberts] ______________________________ Jesse J. Quinn 1-25-1893 to 2-13-1951 [Note: This is Jesse James Quinn son of Bright Harper and Florence Virginia Roberts Quinn] ______________________________ A. Gray Stroud 8-29-1938 t 11-21-2003 ______________________________ Charles Scott Kornegay 6-23-1968 to 1-16-1997 ______________________________ Charles D. Kornegay 4-23-1944 to 1-12-1995 ______________________________ Richard O. Ward 3-3-1937 to 9-12-1966 ______________________________ Michael Richard Ward 5-13-1961 to 11-22-1997 ______________________________ "Dick" Ransom H. Kornegay 9-2-1935 to 12-10-2002

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