Morris-Parker Cemetery

Duplin County, NC

Surveyed by Lillian and Pearl Houston February 2009

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Morris-Parker Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location On SR# 1133 (Fussell Road) at intersection with SR# 1134 (Corinth Church road) Very, very undergrowth

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    The epitaphs are as follows:

    John F. Morris July 5, 1832 July 24, 1875 Thomas Alton Son of J. R. and Hattie Parker April 3, 1926 Oct. 31, 1927 N. Rosco Parker Oct. 7, 1888 Dec. 20, 1920 Wooden stake John Riddick Parker Son of D. F. and Susan Parker Aug. 6, 1884 Nov. 30, 1944 One stone on ground Unreadable Susan C. Rich Wife of Riddick Morris Jan. 19, 1834 June 26, 1912 Susan Caroline Wife of David F. Parker And L. T. Kennedy Sept. 20, 1864 May 19, 1925 David F. Parker Nov. 13, 1862 Aug. 1, 1896 Dave J. Son of J. R. and Hattie Parker April 28, 1907 Sept. 12, 1921

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