Merrill Brown Family Cemetery

DUuplin County NC

Surveyed by Diane Siniard May 2006
resurveyed by Edna Dail November 1, 2006

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Merrill Brown Family Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location: Beulaville Hwy 24, take Lyman road–beside Edmond Brinson Farm in the middle of the field. VERY overgrown! I had been told this was the Lott Washington Brinson cemetery but I have just found out it is indeed called the Merrill Brown cemetery, thanks Edna!

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    GPS Coordinates:
    34.87406 N
    77.70984 W

    Epitaphs are as follows:

    E B Brown
    Dec. 1850
    Aug. 7, 1918
    Linda R Brinson 
    (Rosa Linda Hunter) 
    April 1, 1861
    Oct 16, 1939
    Wife of 
    Lott Washington Brinson
    L W Brinson 
    (Lott Washington Brinson) 
    Feb 12,1830
    Aug 7, 1918
    Maud M Brown 
    (daughter of M.W. & S.L. Brown)
    June 30, 1877
    Aug 5, 1910
    Merrill W Brown 
    Sept 21, 1839
    June 11, 1919
    Cyrus Merrill Brown 
    June 14, 1862
    May 26, 1905
    Sallie Lennon 
    (wife of M.W. Brown) 
    July 27, 1840
    Sept 4, 1902
    Alsa Jackson 
    Mar 9, 1850
    May 24, 1915
    W H C Jackson 
    June 22, 1890
    May 21, 1892

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