Maxwell-Stroud Cemetery

Duplin County North Carolina

Surveyed by Ada Dunn

The following is an incomplete listing of the tombstones in the Maxwell-Stroud Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Located DESTROYED CEMETERY!!!!! Highway 11 South of Pink Hill, on the right side of the road in the field in front of the Hebron Church. (It was not part of the Hebron Presbyterian Church Cemetery.)

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    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Diane's note: If you know of anyone else that was buried in this cemetery please let me know. Also, any photos you might have of the cemetery or headstones would be a most welcome addition! Trying something new, click John Maxwell's name for the picture to pop open in a new window! John Maxwell Born 31 July 1822 Died 25 April 1886 Catherine Quinn Maxwell Born 28 January 1831 Died 9 September 1879 William M. Stroud Born 17 December 1852 Died 15 August 1910 Mary Susan Maxwell Stroud Born 22 November 1848 Died 15 August 1895 I remember this cemetery when I was a child. And, I have asked everybody and his brother about it and if there were any pictures. The attachment I am sending is the nearest to anything I have been able to get from anyone. The person who gave this to me would not tell me who plowed it under and, as you can see, they even covered the faces before giving me a copy.

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