John S Hill Esq Cemetery

Duplin County, NC

Surveyed by Lillian and Pearl Houston October 2007
Resurveyed March 2012

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the John S Hill Esq Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location: turn off Friendship Church Road (SR# 1304) on Taylor Town Road (SR#1354) cemetery is app. 2/10 miles behind a private home on the right side of road in a cow pasture.

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    GPS Coordinates:
    35.08112 N
    78.08432 W

    The epitaphs are as follows:

    D B L Hill Jun 14 1800 Nov 9 1860 B L Hill Oct 16 1854 Feb 1 1904 Baby Girl Sutton Daughter of Ralph C & Elma K Sutton Jun 30 1944 Stella? Hill Oct 5 1855 Nov 3 1925 Name hard to read might be wrong if you can correct please let me know Sarah F Hill Wife of J B Stokley Mar 18 1862 Jan 10 1935 L H Hill Sep 3 1867 Jun 30 1930 Sacred to the Memory of John S Hill Esq Who was born Nov 2 1798 And departed this life on the 17th Jan 1847 The deceased at the time of his death, one of the acting Magistrate for the county of Duplin and discharged the duties of that responsible trust with scrupulous fidelity; leaving behind him the character which ever command The admiration of the world that of a man of unflinching integrity He was ever kind and affectionate to his relatives, courteous and affable to his friends and acquaintances, and ever ready to relieve and assist the distressed truly are the decrees of the Almighty inscrutable for indeed it seems a mystery why the deceased was taken in the midst of his usefulness from time to Eternity Col Edward D Hill Son of W L & A E Hill Born 8th Mo 8th 1817 1838 Col Edward D Hill Who died Sep 26 1838 Age 25 yrs 1 mo 18 dys Ms Elizabeth Catherine Hill Age 21 years & 15 days Robert S Hill Son of W L & A E Hill 1823 Sep 1824 Robert D Son of W L & A E Hill Dec 25 1809 Oct 1817 Frances W Hill Daughter of W L & A E Hill Mar 10 1826 Jun 26 1827 David Kathleen Hill Mar 6 1910 Mar 6 1910 Bettie Sue Hill Mar 28 1894 Aug 20 1895 J B Stokley Aug 27 1846 May 1895 John Wm J Stokley Jun 23 1894 Jun 25 1894 Anna B Stokley May 4 1892 Age 1 year Mary V Infant Daughter of Thomas B & Elizabeth Hill Nov 24 1870 Dec 8 1870 Elizabeth Ann Wife of Thomas B Hill Jun 25 1886 Apr 6 1905 Thomas B Hill Aug 22 1831 Jan 24 1881

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