Henry Grady Cemetery

Duplin County, NC

Surveyed by Lillian and Pearl Houston January 2008

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Henry Grady Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location on NC 111 about 1.4 miles going toward Goldsboro north of the junction with NC 11. monument about .1 mile off of the left side of road Very overgrown hard to see from the road.

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    GPS Coordinates:
    35.08179 N
    77.81394 W

    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Front side Henry Grady was a son of Alexander Grady a son of John Grady who married Mary Whitfield and settled about one mile south of this spot in 1739. He was ancestor to all of the Duplin family of their name. Back Side Henry Grady Feb. 4, 1772--Aug. 31, 1834 and wife Elizabeth Outlaw Grady May 9, 1774--July 16, 1828 "Erected in 1946 By some of their descendants." Right Side CHILDREN H. P. Grady July 12, 1819--Feb. 19, 1820 Clarissa Grady Feb. 4, 1803--Jan. 15, 1822 Alexander Outlaw Grady Feb. 19, 1800 March 25, 1867 Nancy (Sloan) Grady-- His Wife Nov. 15, 1804--Jan. 16, 1857 Bryan Whitfield Grady March 20, 1806--Dec. 12, 1870 Repsy and Patrick H. Grady Twins Children by second marriage died infancy. Left Side GRANDCHILDREN Rachel Elizabeth, Daughter of A. O. Grady June 29, 1840--1867 Gibson, son of O. A. Grady 1835--1835 Mary Carolina, Daughter of D. H. Simmons, Dec. 23, 1835--Dec. 29, 1836 Julia A., Daughter of B. W. Grady April 29, 1840--Feb. 5, 1925 Martha, Daughter of Harriet Grady Jackson, 1833--died Young Nancy W., Daughter of B. W. Grady 1849--May 27, 1835 Margaret Anne, daughter of A. O. Grady, wife of James O'Daniel June 6, 1846--Nov. 21, 1901 James O'Daniel, June 20, 1844--May 12, 1912 Stone With Initial Julia A. G. James R. O'Daniel July 24, 1884 May 17, 1959 Couple of MM Markers Unreadable

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