Capt James Middleton Cemetery

Duplin County, NC

Surveyed by Lillian and Pearl Houston August 2007

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Capt James Middleton Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location From Kenansville take Highway # 24 & 50 going toward Warsaw, about 4-5 miles turn beside Devotional Garden office in a private home yard take the path beside the woods .07 mile the Cemetery is next to the woods. Cemetery is fenced and well maintained.

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    GPS Coordinates of cemetery:
    34.99418 N
    78.04449 W

    GPS Coordinates of monument:
    34.98533 N
    78.04040 W

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  • The epitaphs are as follows:

    Top of Stone Revoluntary Soldier Capt James Middleton 1736--1805 Placed by Battle of Rock Church DAR A STONE ERECETED JUST ABOUT ONE HALF MILE FROM CEMETERY on highway # 25 & 50 in the edge of a private home yard Capt. James Middleton 1720---1795 First Middleton in Duplin County Took grant for land in 1774 Southside Grove Swamp head Quarters Of Maxwell Swamp. Home near here occupied by wife, children and slaves, while he was Capt. In Revolution Other buried in same plot wife Mary Nixon or Sarah Son: James unmarried Son David and Wives Cyremy McClamy and Celie Grefory Mr. Spicer Husband of daughter Kitty Graves mile North Lillie Wife of Benjamin Franklin Rhodes Aug. 8, 1857 May 13, 1921 Benjamin Franklin Rhodes June 5, 1854 Nov. 8, 1931 Scared to the Memory of Robert Middleton Died Oct. 31, 1839 Aged 56 yrs, and 6 mos. This sleeping dust ere long shall rise and soar to God above the skies In Memory of Alice Middleton Who Departed this life Oct. 22, 1819 Age 33 yrs and 6 mos. Here is a poor Pilgrim Lord and to find At last her wish for home. James Middleton 1720 1795 Wife and Children Memorial half mile South on highway Mary Moore Wife of Geo W. Middleton Sept. 11, 1834 June 1, 1917 George W. Middleton Aug. 3, 1827 June 10, 1889 Age 61 yrs, 10 mos. And 10 das. Robert Henry Middleton Aug. 21, 1851 Age 2 mos. 16 das. Dorothy A Moore Jan. 20, 1804 Dec. 25, 1825 MOTHER Virginia H. Wife of Ransome Middleton Aug. 1840 Feb. 9, 1873 2nd Lieut. Ransom Middleton CO. A 38 NC INFANTRY C S A Addaline Miller Walker Nov. 4, 1869 Feb. 10 1927 HER CHILDREN RISE UP AND CALL HER BLESSED David Middleton Died May 19, 1830 Age 27 years SAME STONE Lydia W. Son of Rabun S. and Jamina Sept. 21, 1830 Age 12 years Met rum left and infant Daughter Died Nov. 3, 1828 On the right Mice M. W. Daughter of H. H. and Sarah E. Whitfield Died Sept. 19, 1848 Age 3 years Scared to the Memory of Henry Moore Died: Aug. 30, 1831 51 years 8 mos. OUR SISTER ALICE Died: Aug 31, 1857 Age 35 years and 5 mos. ALICE W. MIDDLETON John M. Middleton Jan. 21, 1861 Sept. 3, 1931 OUR BROTHER Tommie Middleton April 8, 1875 Feb. 22, 1894 MONUMENT FRONT Thomas J. Kinneair Sept. 15, 1800 Dec. 18, 1881 Adeline E. Kinneair March 28, 1810 Feb. 13, 1855 Thomas H. Kinneair July 2, 1832 March 2, 1907 RIGHT SIDE Mary A. Kinneair July 29, 1824 Dec. 23, 1911 Annie E. Kinneair March 30, 1836 April 6, 1896 BACK Susan K. Kinneair June 5, 1880 Nov. 6, 1852 Temperance C. Miller Sept. 10, 1840 Feb. 4, 1920 Jaminna H. Kinneair June 25, 1842 Jan. 8, 1925 LEFT SIDE Cornelia A. Kinneair March 27, 1846 Dec. 3, 1886 Robert J. Kinneair Sept. 10, 1810 Aug. 10, 1812 Lord they were Thine and not our own Thou hast not done us wrong. There are six stone with no information Do not know what they stand for.

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