Co A, 43rd Regiment N. C. Troops
"The Duplin Rifles"

Contributed by: Diane Siniard

Kenan, Thomas S.
Kenan, James G.
Whitaker, John Simmons
Bostic, Thomas J., 2nd Lt.
Carr, Robert B., 1st Lt.
Farrior, Stephen Decatur3rd Lt.
Hinson, John W., 2nd Lt.
Noncommissioned Officers & Privates
Barden, Robert W., Private
Bass, Lewis U., Musician
Bass, William H., Sergeant
Bennett, Isaac, Private
Blalock, William B., Private
Bostic, Isaac, Private
Bostic, John M., Private
Bradshaw, David W., Private
Brinson, Edward F. Jr., Private
Brinson, Edward F. Sr., Private
Brinson, Jonas, Private
Brinson, William N., Private
Brown, Hezekiah, Sergeant
Brown, Isaac, Sergeant
Brown, James, Private
Brown, James D., Private
Brown, John W., Corporal
Brown, Lafayette W., Private
Brown, Lewis U., Private
Bryan, Benjamin B., Private
Bryan, William Dickson, Private
Bryan, Wright William, Private
Caffrey, Thomas, Private
Carlton, John W., Private
Carr, John W., Private
Carr, James O., Corporal
Carr, Joseph H., Corporal
Carr, Joseph J., Sergeant
Carr, Joseph W., Private
Carr, Marshall D., Private
Carr, William Dixion, Private
Carroll, James G., Private
Carter, Joel Ashford, Private
Casey, Lemuel, Private
Cavenaugh, John E., Private
Chambers, Alexander, Private
Chambers, Richard A., Private
Cooper, George, Private
Dail, Stephen B., Private
Davis, Thomas E., Private
Edwards, Burwell A., Private
Edwards, Edward, Private
Edwards, John H., Private
Edwards, John J., Private
Edwards, Lemon Ruffin, Private
Evans, Samuel Benjamin, Private
Farrior, John William, Private
Feutral, David, Private
Forlaw, Robert H., Private
Fountain, Jeremiah W., Private
Futral, Allen, Private
Futral, Nathan, Private
Futral, William, Private
Grady, Atlas, Private
Grady, Leonidas C., Private
Grady, Lewis Goodman, Private
Grady, Lewis D. H., Corporal
Grady, Romulus M. S., Private
Grady, Stephen H., Private
Grady, Thomas N., Private
Grady, William H., Private
Grisham, Lewis R., Private
Guy, Alexander G., Private
Haire, W. S.
Hall, Benjamin F., 1st Sergeant
Halso, James G., Private
Harris, T. J. UNK. rank
Hodges, Buckner L., Private
Horn, William W., Private
Horn, Jesse, Private
James, B. F. , Private
Jerman, Samuel Davis, Private
Jones, Amos, Private
Jones, George W., Private
Jones, Stephen, Private
Jones, Stephen L., Private
Kornegay, Ashley S., Private
Kornegay, Benjamin F., Private
Kornegay, Dudley, Private
Kornegay, Hargett: Private
Lanier, Green L. : Private
Lanier, Jacob S.:  Private
Loften, Jason W., Private
McGowen, Henry J., Private
Mathis, Kedar L., Private
Maxwell, James D., Private
Miller, Stephen H., Sergeant
Mitchell, John, Private
Mobley, George Sylvester, Private
Murray, Robert F., Private
Outlaw, James A., Private
Outlaw, John E., Private
Outlaw, John H., Private
Outlaw, John J., Private
Padget, George W., Private
Padget, James L., Private
Padget, William A., Private
Pate, William R., Private
Pearce, George W., Private
Pearsall, Jere J., Private
Powell, David R., Private
Puryear, George Washington, Rank UNK
Quinn, Lewis J., Private
Rich, Lewis J., Private
Rodgers, Calvin I., Private
Rogers, John B., Private
Rogers, William P. D., Private
Sharpless, William J., Private
Simmons, Amos William, Private
Simmons, Francis A., Sergeant
Smith, Chauncey, Private
Smith, John E., Private
Southerland, Ransom, Private
Southerland, Robert J., Sergeant
Stokes, William J., Private
Streets, Boney W., Private
Strickland, Jere M., Private
Strickland, John W., Private
Turner, Andrew J., Private
Turner, James B., Private
Turner, John M., Private
Wallace, Bland, Private
Wallace, John Roberson
Westbrooks, Jesse E., Private
Whaley, Maxwell, Private
Whaley, William, Private
White, William, Private
Williams, Brosard, Private
Williford, John W., Private

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