3rd Regiment Co B N. C. Troops

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Thurston, Stephen D.
Brown, John Badger


Cowan, Thomas, Jr. 1ST Lieutenant
Gillespie, Shade G. 2nd Lieutenant
Kelly, Thomas J.  2nd Lieutenant
Muray, William H. 2nd Lieutenant
Ward, George W.  1st Lieutenant


Alphin, Alexander, Private
Arnett, William, Private
Averheart, L. F., Private
Baisden, Brantly, Private
Baker, G. F., Private
Ball, John O., Private
Bass, George W., Private
Batchelor, John D., Corporal
Bishop, Isaac T. , Private
Bostick, James W., Private
Bostick, John C., Private
Bostick, Joseph W., Private
Bostick, Samuel T., Private
Bowen, Durham, Private
Boyles, Davie, Private
Bradshaw, William D., Private
Brinson, Fields W., Private
Brinson, Hillary T., Private
Brinson, Jonathan, Private
Brown, Daniel M., Private
Brown, Jacob, Private
Brown, John D., Private
Carmody, John W., Private
Carpenter, Phillip, Private
Carr, John R., Private
Carroll, Stephen S., 1st Sergeant
Chambers, David Frances, Private
Chambers, William D., Private
Cheshire, R. J., Private
Cole, William F., Private
Cottle, James B., Private
Cottle, Thomas, Private
Dail, Allen B., Private
Davis, John A., Private
Davis, William, Private
Deal, Anson W., Private
Dobson, Hezekiah, Corporal
Drew, Bryant W., Private
Dudley, Robert, Private
Duff, Benjamin, Private
Duff, John J., Private
Edwards, Amos, Private
Edwards, Henry, Private
Edwards, Hezekiah, Private
Ezzell, Lovett J., Private
Frederick, Alfred D., Sergeant
Frederick, Felix R., Sergeant
Frederick, John W., Private
Gavin, William C., Private
Gore, Major W., Private
Grady, Bryant F., Private
Grady, Needham, Private
Greene, James M., Private
Griffin, Daniel J., Private
Guy, Owen, Private
Hall, Edward, Private
Hall, William, Private
Hanchey, James W., Private
Hanchey, John Obed Private
Harvel, William W., Corporal
Henderson, Riley, Private
Holland, John Lewis, Sergeant
Houston, Robert B., 1st Sergeant
Howard, James N., Private
Hunter, Charles R., Private
Hunter, Hosea W., Private
Hunter, John E. (Edward), Private
Ingle, Thadeus, Private
James, Everett, Private
James, Hinton, Private
James, Joshua, Private
James, W. A., Private
Johnson, Amos J., Sergeant
Johnson, George A., Private
Johnson, Luther F., Private
Johnson, Milton H., Private
Johnson, Robert M., Private
Jones, John A., Corporal
Jones, Matthew, Private
Jones, Nathan J., Private
Jones, Thomas G., 1sr Sergeant
Kelly, Daniel M., Private
Kennedy, John W., Musician
Lanier, Amos, Private
Lanier, Blaney W., Private
Lanier, Eli, Private
Lanier, Hosea G., Corporal
Lanier, John W., Private
Lanier, Lewis, Private
McDonald, John, Private
McGowan, Charles B., Private
McLauchlin, Neil L., Private
McLauchlin, Robert A., Private
Mashburn, Henry R., Private
Mashburn, Hosea Q., Private
Mathis, Daniel J., Private
Mathis, Joseph L., Private
Mercer, Joshua D., Private
Mereaddy, John T., Private
Middleton, Isaac J., Private
Mitchell, William J., Private
Monroe, Archibald B., Private
Moore, Arthur, Private
Murray, Daniel H., Private
Nethercutt, Loftin, Private
Norris, David, Private
Outlaw, William H., Private
Page, William, Private
Parker, Jonathan, Private
Parker, Robert A., Private
Pearsall, Benjamin Franklin,
Pernell, Miles, Private
Peterson, Nathan, Private
Pickett, John Q., Private
Pickett, William H., Private
Ray, Archibald B., Private
Reeves, Laomi, Private
Register, Lewis S., Private
Rivenbark, William T., Private
Robinson, Oliver P., Private
Rogers, David J., Private
Rogers, William P. D., Private
Sanderson, Calvin, Private
Sandlin, Henry Curtis, Corporal 
Shaler, Isham, Private
Shaw, John H., Musician
Shaw, Joseph A., Private
Shaw, Lewis J., Corporal
Shern, John, Private
Smith, Daniel, Private
Smith, Stephen, Private
Southerland, Cooper, Private
Stallings, Shade W., Private
Stewart, Forney, Private
Stewart, Patrick, Private
Strickland, John Samuel, Private
Sullivan, Bryant H., Private
Sumner, Asa, Private
Sumner, Martin, Private
Sumner, Robert B., Private
Sutton, Elias, Private
Teachey, Daniel William, Private
Thigpen, Amos, Private
Thigpen, Bryant, Private
Thigpen, Bythel, Private
Thigpen, Jesse J., Private
Thigpen, Kinsey W., Private
Thompson, John J., Private
Thompson, William H., Private
Tucker, John W., Private
Turner, H. W., Private
Vaughn, John, Private
Warner, Lewis, Private
Whaley, John J., Sergeant
White, J. C., Private
Whitefield, Thomas J., Sergeant
Whitfield, Needham H., Private
Wickland, J. Private
Wiley, Lewis M., Private
Wilkins, Isaac David, Private
Williams, Jacob, Sergeant
Williams, William B., Private
Worley, Francis M., Private
Worley, Patrick B., Private

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