8th Battalion, Co E North Carolina Cavalry
Partisan Rangers

Contributed by: Diane Siniard


Davis, James G.

Cherry, Willis W.,  1st Lieutenant
Swinson, Robert J., 2nd Lieutenant
Williams, Edward,   3rd Lieutenant


Aman, J. S.  Private  

Barber, D.F.,  Private  
Bell, George W.,    Private  
Bostic, John M.,   Private
Brinson,Edward,   Private
Britton, Owen W.,   Private
Brock, Levi J., Private   
Brown, J. W.,   Private  
Brown, Owen,  Private  
Bryant, Pearcil J.,  Private  
Bryant, Pearsall, Private  

Capps, Cason,  Private  
Crown, Charles S.,  Private  First Sergeant  
Dawson, James W,.  Private  Corporal  
Devenport, John, Private  

Edwards, J.J.,  Private  
Emery, Lewis H., Private

Freeman, Charles,  Private

Gurganus, John,  Private

Hall, Lewis,  Private
Ham, Burwell,  Private
Ham, Joel,  Private
Ham, Joseph,  Private
Harper, Franklin,  Private  Corporal
Henderson, James M.,  Private
Henderson, S.W.,  Private
Hines, Stephen Miller,  Private
Holland, John,  Private  Corporal
Humphrey, Lewis D.,  Private
Hunter, J.E.,  Private
Hunter, James G.,  Private

Jones, Reddick H.,  Private  Corporal
Jones, Redding H., Private  Corporal

Kennedy, William H.,  Private
Kilpatrick, Thomas,  Private
Kornegay, Abram G.,  Private

Lee, H.I.,  Private
Lenier, I.L.,  Private
Lenier, Ira L.,  Private
Lenior, Ira,  Private

Miller, John P.,  Sergeant
Murphrey, John,  Private
Murphy, John,  Private

Nunn, Joseph H.,  Private  Sergeant 

O'Daniel, James,  Private
Outland, Raymond,  Private
Outland, W.J.,  Sergeant

Padgett, Daniel,  Private
Pearce, G. W.,  Private
Pierce, G. W.,  Private

Rhodes, J. B.,  Private
Rhodes, J. M.,  Private
Rodes, J. B.,  Private
Rodes, John,  Private
Roe, Gaston,  Private
Rouse, J. W.,  Private
Row, Gaston,  Private

Sanderlin, Jerry,  Private
Sanderson, John,  Private
Sanderson, Levi,  Private
Sanderson, Lewis,   Private
Sandlin, Jesse,   Private
Sands, Jeremiah,   Private
Shivers, J.M.,   Private
Sholders, Isam,   Private  Sergeant 
Shoulder, Isham,  Private  Sergeant 
Simmons, Alfred Everette,   Private
Smith, Bryant,  Private
Smith, B. Titus,  Private
Smith, Titus B.,   Private
Spence, David,   Private
Spence, Ferdinand,  Private
Sugg, Roderick P., Private  Sergeant
Suggs, E. D.,  Private 
Suggs, Hardy,  Private
Sumberlin, Benjamin,  Private
Summerlin, Benjamin,  Private
Swinson, Buck,  Private
Swinson, Jesse,  Private

Taylor, Elza  Private
Taylor, William J Private
Thigpen, J.J. Private
Thipen, Kennan,  Private
Thomas, Charles G.  Private

Whaley, Frederick  Private
Whaley, Rigdon  Private
Whaley, William B.   Private
Whitman, William   Private
Wilkins, H. N.   Private
Williams, Benjamin   Private
Williams, Jesse,  Private

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