66th Regiment Co. C

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Davis, David S.


Davis, Robert E.  1st Lieutenant
Holland, Jesse   3rd Lieutenant
Wilkins, James  2nd Lieutenant


Anderson, Perry, Corporal
Basden, Jackson, Private
Batts, Jacob, Private
Benton, Joseph, Private
Bishop, James H., Private
Bizzell, John J., Private
Borney, S. H., Private
Boyd, Amos J., Private
Boyett, Jesse, Private
Brown, H. M., Private
Brown, Hardy, Private
Brown, John, Private
Brown, Lemuel, Corporal
Cauley, George Thomas, Private
Cauley, James, Sergeant
Cauley, John, Private
Chappell, Elisha, 
Copley, William B., Private
Cowan, Samuel
Cox, Jacob, Private
Cox, William B., Private
Cunningham, John, Private
Dail, C. B., Private
Dailey, G. B. 
Davenport, Bryant, Private
Davis, Burwell, Sergeant
Davis, Daniel, Private
Davis, James, Private
Davis, John, Private
Davis, Thomas,
Duncan, James, Private
Elmore, Richard, 
Gallagher, Hugh, Private
Grant, George, Private
Grant, Ichabod, Sergeant
Hardy, Jesse, Private
Herring, Asa Bryant, Corporal
Herring, Benjamin J., Private
Herring, Benjamin William, 1st Sergeant
Herring, George S., Private
Herring, Henry, Private
Herring, James B., Private
Herring, James R., Private
Herring, John, Private
Herring, Salathial B., Private
Hill, Zaccheus, Private
Hines, Allen, Private
Hines, J. Ivey, Private
Hines, James H., Private
Hines, Reding, Private
Hinson, Robert, Private
Horn, Henry L., Private
Hosley, R. S.,
James, C. C., Private
Kearney, George D., Private
Layton, J. T., Private
Lee, Graham, Private
Leitner, Edward E., Private
Lenier, Benjamin M., Private
Lenier, Zebulon, Private
Loftin, William C. R., Private
Miller, Anderson Roscoe, Private
Mobley, Olin, Private
Mobley, Riley, Private
Nobles, Jesse, Private
Outlaw, Needham B., Private
Parker, W. L., Private
Pate, Charles, Private
Phillips, John, Private
Phillips, M. J., Private
Phillips, Stephen H., Sergeant
Phillips, Wyatt J., Sergeant
Proctor, A. P., Private
Pryor, A. J., Private
Quinn, John W., Private
Register, Henry C., Sergeant
Rich, J. E., Private
Sanderson, Isaac, Private
Sasser, Enoch, Private
Smith, Hillery B., Private
Smith, William J., Private
Stanson, J. R., Private
Stokes, William F., Private
Stroud, Isaac, Private
Stroud, Job L., Private
Stroud, Richard, Private
Sutton, John Aldredge, Private
Sutton, Levi, Private
Swinson, Robert W., Private
Taylor, A. W., Corporal
Tharington, T. M., Private
Thigpen, John W., Private
Tindall, Curtis, Private
Tindall, John, Private
Turner, M. A., Private
Vaughn, David, Private
Wade, Drew H., Private
Wade, James R., Corporal
Waller, John R., Private
Waller, Marshall Green, Private
Williams, David, Private
Williams, Lott, Private

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