63rd Regiment Co. C (5th Regiment N.C. Cavalry) Known as the Confederate Volunteers

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Shaw, Elias F.


Hines, John Charles,  2nd Lieutenant
Moore, James,  1st Lieutenant
Partrick, Cornelius,  3rd Lieutenant
Peterson, Everett,  2nd Lieutenant


Bell, R. R., Private
Bizzell, F. M., Sergeant
Blount, William R. C., Private
Boney, E. W., Private
Boon, Sylvester, Private
Bowden, Calvin J., Private
Boykin, H., Private
Bradshaw, Thomas, Private
Brewer, Bennett, Private
Britt, Nathan, Private
Bunting, Thomas Owen, Sergeant
Butler, Charles, Private
Butler,John, Private
Burler, John J., Private
Butler, Redden, Private
Cain, George W., Corporal
Caison, William B., Private
Carr, Amzy, Private
Carr, Rufus, Private
Cashwell, William, Private
Cobb, H. H., Private
Cook, Hardy M., Private
Culbreth, Gray, Private
Culbreth, Wilbur F., Corporal
Darden, Lewis H., Sergeant
Daughtry, Guilford, Private
Ezzell, Charles W., Private
Ezzell, Thomas, Private
Faircloth, Reason, Private
Ferrell, Thomas M., Pirvate
Fisher, Troy, Private
Flowers, Alfred, Private
Flowers, Jacob D., Private
Freeland, William D. B., Private
Fryar, Owen, Private
Giles, G. W., Private
Goodrick, L. F., Private
Grice, Isaac W., Private
Hales, Irvin, Private
Herring, Lucian, Private
Hicks, E. F., Private
Highsmith, George, Private
Hobbs, Julius C., Private
Holmes, Wiliam H., Private
Horn, Joseph, Private
Howel, J. D., Private
Jackson, James H., Private
Jacobs, Simon, Private
Johnson, Thaddeus, Private
Kelley, Sylvester R., Private
Kelly, Thomas, Private
King, Allen D., Private
King, Alven H., Private
King, H. S., Private
King, John B., Private
King, Rpbert T., Private
Kinnair, Thomas Hinton, Private
Lamb, Allen W., Private
Lee, Richard Henry, Private
Lee, William R., Private
Lewis, Isaac, Private
Lewis, William, Private
Matthews, Benedict, Sergeant
Matthews, Jacob Luther, Private
McCullen, James, Private
McCullin, Alex, Private
Moore, John, Private
Moore, Reuben Thomas, Private
Moore, Walter J., Private
Murphy, Thomas, Private
Noles, W. R., Private
Owens, Gabriel, Private
Page, Richard, Private
Parker, Archibald B., Private
Pearson, Robert K., Private
Peterson, Amma C., Private
Peterson, Julius H. C., Private
Peterson, Marsdon C., Private
Peterson, William J., Private
Powell, James T., Private
Pugh, Benjamin F., Private
Rackley, Hardy, Private
Register, Harmon H., Sergeant
Register, John R., Private
Rich, L. W., Private
Rich, OWen A., Private
Rich, Pinkney, Private
Robinson, D. C., Private
Rogers, Isaac T., Private
Royal, Whitney, Sergeant
Sellers, Jorden, Private
Smith, George W., Private
Sorrell, Hiram, Private
Strickland, James R., Private
Sutton, John H., Private
Tatum, George M., Private
Tatum, James R., Private
Timothy, Cornelius, Private
Turner, Everett, Private
Vann, George W., Private
Wadkins, Leonard, Private
Warren, Archibald, Private
Warren, Robert H., Private
Warwick, William B., Private
Weeks, Benajah C., Private
Weeks, William R., Private
West, George R., Private
Williams, Isaac E., Private
Williamson, Franklin P., Sergeant
Williamson, Genry G., Private
Winders, Horace, Private
Wrench, John R., Private

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