51st Regiment Co. G

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Lippitt, James Wright


Chinnis, Samuel R., 1st Lieutenant
Evans, Jacob A., 1st Lieutenant
Gowan, Benjamin A., 3rd Lieutenant
Ketchum, David W., 2nd Lieutenant
Lippitt, Thomas B., 2nd Lieutenant
Yopp, Franklin V.B., 3rd Lieutenant


Arnold, John, Private

Bachelor, James M., 
Baker, Archibald M., Private
Beasley, William Jackson, Private
Bell, Owen, Private
Bender, John L., Private
Benton, Nelson, Private
Benton, Simeon, Private
Bessent, James H., Corporal
Blackman, James B., Private
Blackman, McDaniel, Private
Blake, Alva Franklin, Private
Blake, John Beaty, Corporal
Blalock, Hardy, Private
Blanton, Enoch, Private
Blanton, John W., Private
Blanton, Joseph J., Private
Blanton, Moses, Private
Boone, Sampson, 1st Sergeant
Boswell, Amos, Private
Brinkley, J. B.,
Brown, Kilby, Private
Buffkin, Elias J., Private
Burney, William James, Private
Cannon, Robert T., Private
Cartwright, David J., Private
Cartwright, George W., Private
Cartwright, Jacob, Private
Chestnut, James M., Private
Coleman, Loft Caswell, Private
Conaway, William B. Sergeant
Cottle, Nixon, Private
Craig, Charles M., Private
Crawford, John B., Private
Daniel, John W., Private
David,James, Private
Dawson, Amos, Private
Dyson, James T., Private
Dyson, Solomon Asberry, Private
Edwards, W. Pinkney, Private
Ellis, James, Musician
Evans, Anchram H., Private
Evans, John B., Private
Evans, William W., Private
Fairfax, Thomas A., Private
Fowler, Harmon, Private
Fowler, Labam, Corporal
Gaffins, James J., Private
Gaskill, Furney, Private
Godwin, Guy W., Private
Gowan, James T., Private
Green, Levi, Private
Haddock, Daniel A., Private
Hall, John G., Private
Hammonds, Wiley F., Private
Hansley, John D., Private
Hardy, John, Private
Harrelson, Aaron B., Private
Hatcher, Henry C., Private
Hawes, Asa W., Private
Higgins, Jesse B., Private
Hinson, Asa Kelly, Private
Hinson, Edward P., Corporal
Hinson, John L., Private
Hinson, John P., Private
Hinson, Robert R., Private
Horne, William F., Private
Humphrey, John, Private
Ikener, Ward, Private
Inman, Jesse, Private
Jenrette, John H., Private
Jernigan, Willis, Private
Jolly, Daniel Jasper, Private
Jolly, Jesse R., Private
Kent, Robert, Private
Ketchem, James F., Sergeant
King, Christopher C., Private
King, Marsdem, Sergeant
Knowles, Stephen, Private
Latta, Adam G., Private
Lawrence, Wiliam J. H., Private
Lawson, Jesse, Private
Lennon, John F., Private
Long, Daniel M., Private
McPherson, John A., Private
McPherson, Joshua, Private
Mercer, John Q., Private
Mercer, William, Private
Merritt, James A., Private
Merritt, Marley, Private
Merritt, William M., Private
Millican, Saunders, Private
Moore, Charles A., Private
Murrell, John P., Private
Nelson, William A., Private
Newton, William B., Private
Nobles, Averitt, Private
Nobles, Emanuel, Private
Nobles, John Crawford, Private
Norris, Elcaney, Private
Norris, Solomon, Private
Norris, William Indy, Private
Norris, William J., Private
Potter, Benjamin W., Private
Powers, Jordan, Private
Prince, Andrew, Private
Prince, Solomon W., Private
Reaves. John T., Private
Redd, Zephaniah W., Private
Register, John N., Private
Ritter, Hiram L., Private
Robbins, Elijiah, Private
Robbins, George W., Private
Robbins, James A., Private
Robbins, Joel A., Private
Roberts, Edmund, Private
Scarborough, Jesse C., Private
Sellers, Joseph C., PRivate
Sellers, William W., Private
Shaw, Daniel, Private
Simmons, Isaac, Private
Kipper, Stephen, Private
Smith, Bracy, Private
Smith, William D., Private
Strickland, Bethel P., Private
Strickland, Matthew L., Private
Strickland, Phillip, Private
Strickland, Quincy, Private
Strickland, William T., Private
Suggs, Doctor F., Corporal
Summersett, John M., Private
Teaboe, Phillip, Private
Teaboe, William W., Private
Teachey, William, Private
Tew, Sherwood B., Private
Thigpen, Allen, Private
Thigpen, Thomas, Private
Thompson, Nathan J., Private
Walker, Jones C., Private
Ward, Asa, Private
Ward, Daniel, Private
Ward, Samuel W., Private
Ward, William W., Private
Williams, James Boney, Private
Williams, John Q., Private
Williams, Solomon R., Private
Williamson, J. M. 
Wilson, Joseph J., PRivate
Wilson, William W., Private
Wood, Uz, Private
Wood, William Thomas, Private
Woodard, Joseph, Private
Worley, Moses, Private

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