51st Regiment Co. C
1st Regiment N. C. Cavalry

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Allen, William A.
Stanford, Samuel M.
Watson, Edward L.

Branch, James G., 1st LIEUTENANT
Houston, Hiram B., 1st LIEUTENANT
James, Robinson C., 1st LIEUTENANT
Sullivan, Andrew McI., 2nd Lieutenant


Albertson, Peter H., Private
Alphin, Daniel J., Private
Alphin, William, Private
Atwood, Joel P., Private
Bass, E. C.
Blanton, Moses, Private
Bostick, Daniel, Private
Bostick, Daniel J., Private
Bostick, David R., Private
Bostick, Elijah, Private
Bowden, Wilim B., Private
Branch, Thomas, Private
Caison, Lewis, Private
Caison, William B., Private
Carroll, Robert J., Private
Carter, Leonard H., Private
Chesnutt, John K., Private
Chestnutt, D. J., Private
Chestnutt, G. Franklin, Private
Chestnutt, Micholas P., Private
Cottle, W. Henry, Private
Crossland, Sabastian T., Private
Cummings, James M., Private
Dail, Julius V., Private
Dail, Lemuel L., Private
Dail, Thomas F., Private
Dail, W. M., Private
Ezzell, Thomas, Private
Fedwell, W. C., Private
Fields, William B., Private
Fussell, William H., Coporal
Garner, Francis M., Private
Garner, Simeon, Private
Gaum, Daniel H., Private
Grady, D., Private
Grady, Frederick, Private
Grady, William Henry, Sergeant
Groves, George F., Private
Hall, Edward James, Sergeant
Hunter,Hogan, Private
Hussey, John E., Corporal
James, David Hinton, Corporal
James, John J., Private
Jones, James, Private
Jones, Jonas, Private
Jones, Lewis R., Private
Jones, Nathan J., Private
Jones, William, Private
Keathley, Archelaus, Private
Keathley, Elisha Herring, Private
Keathly, Lewis, Private
Kimmy, James M., Private
Lanier, Hosea F., Private
Lanier, Joseph J., Private
Lee, William Bizzell, Private
McGee, James W., Private
McLean, Eli 
Mathis, Benjamin D., Private
Mathis, Bryab, Private
Mathis, Fleet C., Private
Mathis, Jacob Edward, Private
Mathis, Luther R., Private
Mathis, Peyton P., Private
Mathis, Thomas B., Private
Merritt, Alsa, Private
Merritt, Hiram, Private
Merritt, Hubbard, Private
Merritt, Levi, Private
Merritt, Lewis W., PRivate
Merritt, Robert, Private
Merritt, Robert Hooks, Private
Miller, William H., Corporal
Milles, Alonzo, Musician
Mills, Joseph D., PRivate
Moore, Thomas McGee, Private
Owens, Gabriel, Private
Page, John E., Private
Parnel, Isaac, Private
Peterson, W. S., Private
Pickett, John L., Private
Price, Eden, Private
Price, Joel, Private
Pugh, William E., Private
Quinn, Ichabod, Private
Reaves, Timothy, Private
Register, James E., Private
Register, Richard J., Private
Register, Robert Marshal, Private
Rivenbark, Benjamin R., Private
Robinson, Joshiah, Private
Robinson, William E., Private
Rodgers, J. E., Private
Saules, Wiliam J., Private
Sikes, Charles M., Private
Southerland, Abraham, Private
Southerland, Bryan, Private
Southerland, George N., Private
Southerland, James, Private
Southerland, Thomas J., Private
Stanford, George W., 1st Sergeant
Stanford, Henry C., Corporal
Stanford, Leonidas, Private
Stevens, John T., Private
Sullivan, Adam, Private
Sullivan, Elias, Private
Sullivan, Lemuel L., Private
Summerlin, David C., Private
Summerlin, James Louis, PRivate
Summerlin, John D., Private
Summerlin, John J., Private
Summerlin, Levi, Private
Summerlin, Thomas, Private
Taylor, John F., Private
Taylor, Kenan, Private
Taylor, Paul, Private
Thomas, John Ivey, Corporal
Turner, David W., Private
Umberger, C. W.
Wade, Clark M., Private
Waters, J. E., Private
Watkins, Robert R., Private
Watson, David R., Sergeant
Whaley, Braddock, Private
Whitfield, Banjamin H., Private
Whitfield, J. T., Private
Wilson, James D., Private

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