38th Regiment CO. A NC Troops
Known as the Spartan Band

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Moseley, Adolphus G.
Armstrong, Nichilas E.


Brown, Alsa James, 1st Lieutenant
Middleton, Ransom M., 1st Lieutenant
Moore, Henry C., 2nd Lieutenant
Morisey, David G. 1st Lieutenant
Pearsall, David M. 3rd Lieutenant


Adams, M. C. Private
Alphin, Calvin M., Private
Armstrong, Thomas J., Corporal
Barnett, William J., Private
Beasley, A. T., Private
Best, Blany J., Private
Best, George R., Private
Best, James Wright, Sr., Pirvate
Best, John A., Private
Bishop, Barney W., Private
Bishop, John T., Private
Bishop, John W., Private
Blanchard, L. T., 
Boney, Christopher Columbus, Private
Boone, William H., Private
Brittain, Owen W., Private
Britton, Samuel T., Private
Brock, Jesse, Private
Brock, Levin R., Private
Brown, Jesse, Musician
Brown, Lewis V., Private
Brown, Merrill W., (William), Sergeant
Campbell, A. C., Private
Cates, Judson M., Private
Cavenaugh, William H., Private
Coston, John, Private
Craver, A. J., Private
Davis, Alexander S., 1st Sergeant
Davis, William Henry, Private
Dobson, John Frank, Private
Faison, Julian Poydras, Private
Fountain, Hoesa, Private
Frederick, John Christopher Columbus, Corporal
Goore, Reuben H., Private
Gore, Solomon R., Private
Grady, Thomas Monroe, Private
Grisham, John W., Private
Grisham, Willis T., Private
Gross, J. H., Private
Hall, John, Private
Hall, Nicholas, Private
Helmstetler, Hamilton, Private
Henderson, Stephen, Private
Herring, Lewis H., Private
Hightower, William C., Sergeant
Hines, Eli J., Private
Houston, Robert C., Private
Huffham, George W., Private
Hunter, Charles R., Private
Hunter, J. G., Private
Hunter, Robert J., Private
Hurst, William M., Corporal
Hussey, John B., Private
Jesster, J. M., Private
Johnson, George, Private
Johnson, William H., Private
Jones, David F., Private
Jones, Marshall Bryan, Private
Jones, Sylvanus, Private
Jones, T., Private
Kennedy, James W., Private
Kennedy, John E., Private
Kennedy, Thomas, Private
Kenney, James M., Private
King, Enoch, Private
Kornegay, D. K., Private
Lambert, Daniel H., Private
Landing, James F., Private
Lanier, David E., Private
Lanier, E. (Edmond) H., Sergeant
Lanier, Evan L., Private
Lanier, Hosea W., Corporal
Lanier, Ira, Private
Lanier, James N., Private
Lanier, John N., Private
McCann, John B., Corporal
McGowen, Alexander D., Private
McIntire, David M., Sergeant
Manly, W. S., Private
Marredy, Benjamin W., Private
Maxwell, Van B., Private
Merritt, Major, Private
Middleton, George W., Private
Miller, George, Musician
Moore, Daniel Webster, Private
Moore,John W., Private
Morisey, George, Private
Nethercutt, Jesse B., Private
Nicholson, William E., Private
Norris, James R.
Owen, Marshall H. Private
Pace, WIlliam R., Private
Parker, William Thomas, Private
Pearsall, Benjamin Franklin, Private
Pearsall, David M., Private
Pearsall, John Wesley, Sergeant
Pearsall, Leonidas, Sergeant
Pearsall, William F., 1st Sergeant
Phillips, Thomas, Sergeant
Phipps, Theophilus, Private
Pierce, Snowden, Private
Pollock, John C., Private
Ribelin, Jesse, Private
Rochelle, Benjamin, Private
Sanderson, George Howell, Private
Sandlin, Alsa F. M.
Sandlin, Jesse, Private
Sandlin, William J., Private
Sheffield, John B., Private
Sholar, William R., Private
Smith, George L., Private
Smith, T. J., Private
Southerland, Isham, Private
Southerland, John RObert, Private
Sprewell, Reuben, Private
Sullivan, Henry, Private
Sumner, E. McKee, Private
Swinson, Albert, Private
Swinson, Andrew Thomas, Private
Taylor, Jesse, Private
Taylor, William, Private
Thigpen, Jobe, Private
Thigpen, Joseph W, Private
Thigpen, William H., Private
Thomas, Bryant, Private
Thomas, Calvin, Private
Thomas, Daniel F., Private
Thomas, Lewis, Corporal
Thomas, William, Private
Thompson, Daniel H., Private
Thompson, David A., Corporal
Trexler, William H., Private
Vestal, R. S., Private
Walker, Buckner H., Private
Warden, Nathan C., Private
Welfare, Thomas S., Private
Whaley, Braddock, Private
Whitfield, B. F., Private
Whitfield, Thomas W., Private
Whitman, Wright, Private
Wilkins, C. C., Private
Wilkins, Newkirk, Private
Williams, Jesse, Private
Winders, Austin, Pirvate
Winders, Marshall B.
Wood, Merrill, Private

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