20th Regiment CO. E NC Troops
Known as the Confederate Grays & the Duplin Grays

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Denson, Claudius B.
Hicks, Lewis Thomas
Watson, Giles H.
Doshier, James H.


Cogdell, Daniel A., 2nd Lieutenant
Grimes,Hezekiah, 2nd Lieutenant
Hicks, Augustus Doane, 1st Lieutenant
Hodges, Lemuel W., 2nd Lieutenant
Ireland,John Franklin, 2nd Lieutenant
James, Robert Pryor, 1st Lieutenant
Oliver, Joseph B., 2nd Lieutenant


Baison, William, Private
Baker, Ivy R., Private
Baker, James Henry, Sergeant
Baker, Jesse J., Private
Barfield, Isaac, Private
Barfield, Louis L., Private
Barfield, Theophilus, Private
Barfield, William, Private
Bassnight, Amos, Private
Bassnight, R. H., Private
Bennett, Richard T., Corporal
Benton, William R., Corporal
Berry, James M., Private
Birdsey, Samuel R., Private
Blalock, John H., Sergeant
Blaylock, David, Corporal
Bowden, John B., Private
Boyd, Wilburn, Private
Bradshaw, Louis J., Private
Branch, Marshall, Private
Branch, Reuben, Private
Broadhurst, David J., Private
Broadhurst, George W., Sergeant
Broadhurst, Thomas W., Private
Broadhurst, William G., Private
Brock, Charles, Private
Brock, Jonah, Private
Brock, Needham, Private
Burnham, John Franklin, Private
Butts, J., Private
Byrd, Henry H., Private
Campbell, John W., Private
Carr, Benjamin Bowden, Private
Carr, John H., Sergeant
Carr, Robert Dixon, Private
Cherry, Elisha J., Private
Cherry, William A., Private
Cherry, Willis D., Corporal
Cogdell,John A., Private
Cogdell, Lewis D., Private
Cogdell, Lewis Marion, 1st Sergeant
Cogdell, William B., Private
Cowley, Stephen A., Private
Dail, Archibald B., Private
Davenport, Charles N., Private
Davis, John D., Private
Davis, Peter, Private
Denning, Charles W., Private
Denson, Joseph E., Private
Devane, J., Stewart, PRivate
Edwards, John H., Sergeant
Faison, Thomas M., Private
Fields, James A., Private
Glowers, John K., Private
Flowers, Marshall, Sergeant
Flowers, Robert B., Private
Galloway, Henry Barton, Private
Giddens, Liwis Deveraux, Private
Grady, James M., Private
Grant, Jackson, Private
Grant, Stafford, Private
Griffin, Daniel, Private
Hicks, E. Faison, Sergeant
Hicks, John Henry, Private
Hicks, John Miller, Private
Hill, Lewis H., Sergeant
Huggins, James J., Private
Huggins, William Henry, Private
Ireland, James Daniel, Private
Jernigan, George W., Private
Jordon, C., Private
Killett, James Cedric, Corporal
Killett, John J., Private
King, Alexander, Private
King, William B., Corporal
Kornegay, C. F. R., Private
Kornegay, George Fisher, Corporal
Kornegay, George L., Corporal
Kornegay, George W., Private
Kornegay, Joseph H., Private
Kornegay, Robert D., Private
Lambert, Henry W., Private
Lane, Jesse W., Private
Lane, John B., Private
Link, Henry J., Private
Loftin, I. C., Major, Private
Loftin, John Henry, Private
McIntire, Thomas T., Private
Martin, Giles, Private
Millard, Bryant J., Private
Millard, Kenan, Musician
Mosely, Gabriel H., Private
Murphy, William G., Private
Oliver, Joseph B., 1st Sergeant
Outlaw, Alexander, Private
Padgett, Moses James, Private
Parker, Alexander Standle, Corporal
Perder, E. H., 
Phillips, Benjamin, Private
Pollock, David, Private
Price, A. Dallas, Private
Price, Caleb B., Private
Price, John C., Private
Rodgers, Henry W., Private
Rogers, Cicero, Private
Sadler, William, PRivate
Seagle, Caleb, Private
Shine, John D., Private
Southerland, Bryant B., Private
Starr, John C., Private
Summerlin, Oliver, Private
Swinson, B. Frank, Private
Swinson, Erasmus Ward, Private
Swinson, John A., 1st Sergeant
Tew, Ashley B., Private
Tew, John L., Private
Tew, Lennie J., Private
Tew, William Riley, Private
Wadkins, Leonard, Private
Walker, Vergil, Private
Wallace, George W., Jr., PRivate
Wallace, Thomas J., Private
Watkins, Jesse F., Private
Watson, John L., Private
Whitfield, James B., Private
Williams, George W., Private
Williams, H. B., 
Williams, James, Private
Williams, Jesse P., Private
Williamson, H. J., Private
Wilson, David T., Private
Winders, Austin, Private
Winders, David James, Private
Winders, Edward J., Musician
Winders, Noah J., Sergeant
Winders, William D., Private
Wright, John D., Private
Wright, Thomas B., Corporal

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