12th Regiment 1st CO. C N. C. Troops
The Original Duplin Rifles

Contributed by: Diane Siniard



Kenan, Thomas S. (Stephen)


Allen, William A., 2nd Lieutenant
Hinson, John W., 2nd Lieutenant
Watson, Thomas S., 1st Lieutenant


Bamberger, Herman, Private
Barden, John L., Private
Barden, Robert W., Private
Bass. William H., Private
Best, James Wright, Sr., Private
Blackburn, John W., Private
Bostick, David R., Private
Bostick, Thomas J., Private
Bowden, William B., Private
Boyett, Jonas, Private
Bradshaw, David W., Private
Brinson, Isaac T., Private
Brinson, John, Private
Brinson, William N., Private
Brown, Bryant, Private
Brown, Hezekiah, Private
Brown, Isaac, Private
Brown, John W., Private
Brown, Mike, Private
Bryan, Thomas K., Private
Caffrey, Thomas, Private
Carr, J. J., Private
Carr,James O., Private
Carr, Joseph H., Private
Carr, Joseph J., Private
Carr, Robert B., 1st Sergeant
Carroll, Luther Rice, Color Sergeant
Cole, Robert N., Private
Davis, Thomas E., Private
Dobson, Thomas Garrison, Private
Evans, Mac H., Private
Farrior, Stephen Decatur, Corporal
Forlaw, Robert H., Corporal
Frederick, Simon P., Private
Gavin, William C., Private
Grady, Louis D. H., Private
Grady, William H., Private
Gray, James M., Private
Grissom, Charles, Private
Guy, Alexander G., Private
Guy, John J., Private
Guy, Owen, Private
Hall, Benjamin F., Private
Hall, Edward J., Private
Hall, Jeremiah P., Private
Hawes, Reuben J. T., Private
Herring, Owen F., Sergeant
Herring, Thomas James, Private
Houston, Hiram B., Private
Houston, Robert B., Private
Hussey, John E., Private
Jernigan, George W., Private
Jones, George W., Private
Kelly, Thomas J., Private
Kenan, James G., Private
King, Francis M., Musician
Lanier, David J., Private
McGee, James W., Private
Mareddy, Bryant B., Private
Mathis, Kedar L., Private
Middleton, Isaac J., Private
Miller, Richard E., Private
Miller, Stephen H., Private
Outlaw, William H., Private
Pernell, Miles, Private
Pitman, John A., Private
Powell, David R., Private
Pridgen, S. Lafayette, Private
Quin, William F., Private
Rich, Lewis J., PRivate
Rich, Pinkney, Private
Riley, John G., Private
Sandlin, Hiram L., Private
Sandlin, Jesse, Private
Shaw, Lewis J., Private
Simmons, Francis A., Private
Sloan, Willilam H., Private
Smith, David J., Private
Smith, Jacob J., Private
Smith, Jesse Thomas, Private
Smith, William, Private
Southerland, Columbus S., Private
Southerland, Edward, Private
Southerland, George N., Private
Southerland, William J., Private
Stanford, George W. (Washington), Private
Stanford, Samuel M., Sergeant
Strickland, John W., Private
Sullivan, Andrew M. (McIntyre), Private
Taylor, J. J., Private
Teachey, Robert, Private
Thomas, Daniel F., Private
Thomas, Lewis, Private
Tucker, OWen, Private
Turner, David W., Private
Turner, James B., Private
Turner, John W., Private
Wallace, John P., Private
Watson, Edward L., Private
Williams, David, Private
Williams, Robert K., Private
Williamson, Jesse R., Private
Williamson, Obediah H., Private
Woodward, James F., Private

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