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If you have any books for sale or you know someone that has books for sale that are about Duplin County and/or its Families please contact Diane Siniard.

Gibson WEST, James E. WEST and William WEST were born in Duplin County; the three migrated to Burke Co., GA and Baker Co., GA by/before 1840. This book details their NC origins. This book identifies all the children of James WEST, the progenitor; included are names of spouses for most of his children. Send an email request and I will provide names of James' children. The book will be ready for shipping 10 January 2008. There are 171 pages in the book; chapters are indexed but timelines are not indexed. Cost of the book is forty dollars with shipping and handling included. A tracking number is also used to prevent loss in the mail. Please send either money order or personal check; credit cards are not accepted. The book should be received within three weeks of receiving your order with payment. Email: awkoska@comcast.net Write: Mary F. (WEST) POWELL 709 Rocky Fountain Drive Myersville, MD 21773 Publications offered by the Coastal Genealogical Society:
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  • The Tucker Littleton Notes *Volumes 1 through 10 of an extensive collection to be published over the next several years by the Coastal Genealogical Society.* *At Tucker Littleton's early death in 1983 he left 20 years of notes in the form of alphabetized notes cards some 20,000 in number. His research covered all aspects of the history of eastern North Carolina and should be an invaluable source for serious researchers. These first 10 volumes range from 113 to 150 pages in length and contain alphabetized entries beginning with “Academies” in volume 1 to the surname Mundini in volume 10. Each volume is fully indexed with approximately 1500 index entries on surnames, places, businesses, military, religion and court records.* *Published in soft cover, copies of Vols 1 and 2 may be obtained for $20.00 and *Vols 3 through 10 *are priced at $25.00 each. Send orders to Coastal Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1421, Swansboro, NC 28584. The fee includes shipping and handling.* This book written by Jeanie Blanton Trimble The Highland Scots Coming To America is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon's FREE Kindle application for PC. I am a "Wee Little Scottish Lass,” and this is a story about my family of fierce and wonderful Highland Scots. It tells of the brave wars they fought to keep Scotland free and to keep their beloved Highlands safe from tyranny. This book gives you the reasons why they left their beautiful Highlands with its lands of bright green moors, heather covered plateaus and sparking blue lakes, to come to America, and it highlights my CAMERON family of Highland Scots and their voyage and experiences once they reach the New World. This book includes the genealogy of Alexander CAMERON and his family as they travel from Scotland to the Cape Fear River area and settle in their new home. Get comfortable, and as you read this book, let the exciting history of the Highland Scots come alive in each and every page. This book written by Jeanie Blanton Trimble Scotch Irish From Ulster Ireland to America The Morgans Come with me to explore the wonderful mysterious and magical history of Ireland or as I love to call it "The Emerald Isles." Read all about the early religions of the Irish, the constant invasions, war, murders and Mayhem that went on in Ireland for so many years. Read about the different religions and how you can know whether you are Scotch-Irish or Irish. Yes, there is a difference. Find out the role of the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland in the making of what is now the Ireland of today. Learn what the Plantation of Ulster Irish means and what it can mean in searching your linage. This book starts with the early history and Ireland starting in 350 B.C. and ends with the last days of Reuben MORGAN and his family. It is a must read for anyone researching the MORGANS from Ireland and a wonderful read for anyone wanting to learn all about Ireland and especially Ulster, Ireland. So get this book today and watch out for those sneaky little leprechauns that might try to steal it away from you. This book written by Jeanie Blanton Trimble The Genealogy Detective Are you ready to become a Genealogy Detective? If you are, you will need the tools and rules to get you on your way. This book is fully armed and ready to guide you in each step in becoming the best genealogy detective in the business. You will learn how to investigate each and every crime scene (ancestor) with all due diligence, and find the clues that will lead you to your illusive ancestor. Being a genealogy detective is fun, easy and filled with hours of exciting research and it will take you to many new and exciting places that you never knew existed. This detective genealogy book is going to teach you all the tricks of the trade in solving each mystery in an easy and concise format. You will learn how to questions all the witnesses to the crime (ancestor) and what to do with each clue as you investigate. Genealogy is the passion of my life; do you want it to be yours? Then get this book immediately and get started on the most exciting journey of your lifetime and become the next great Sherlock Holmes of the genealogy detective world. You will learn all about genealogy... Learn how to collect the evidence Find out what to do with the clues Learn what to put in your genealogy bag Learn how to investigate each crime (ancestor) Learn how to extract the details from people and sources Learn the most important rules in your quest for that illusive ancestor Learn the best places to get your information from Understand the difference between abstracting, transcribing and extraction Find out the all you need to know about becoming a genealogy detective Discover a good genealogy program that you will need to enter in all your clues

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