Duplin County Mystery Guests

Who are YOU looking for?

Can you identify this family? These pictures need identifying, if anyone can help please email me..

If you have pictures of an Duplin County family or person that you're eager to identify, you may send to me, Diane Siniard. I will add them in this section.

This photo was submitted by Beth C 'bb' Barnhill.

Unknown Barnhill

This photo was submitted by Fred Winner.
Here is what is known about the photo:
Fred Winner < upper right corner > teachers pet ?

Wallace Elementary 2nd grade 1948

These photos were submitted by Sloan Mason.
I believe them to be from the SLOAN family of Duplin County, N.C. but am not sure. If anyone can identify them that would be great.

These photos were submitted by Edna Dail.
Does anyone know who they are: I am pretty sure they are Lanier's from Pender Co.

Lanier family

This photo was submitted by Fran West.
I have no idea where I got these two photos or when they were sent to me or by whom they were sent. I was told they are WEST men and the female might be a spouse.

Unknown West Men

Unknown Photos Sent by Rose Sullivan

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