Duplin County 1783 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1783 census in Duplin County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Surnames A-D

Benjamin Adams
William Adkinson   
John Alberson  
Samuel Alberson   
William Alberson   
Daniel JR. Alderman   
Daniel SR. Alderman  
David Alderman  
John Alderman  
Ezekiel Allen   
Henry JR. Allen   
Henry SR. Allen   
William Allen   
Elizabeth Also  
John Also   
Howell Ammons   
Andrew Andis 
Miller Anthony   
Alexander Armstrong   
John Armstrong  
Estate Atkisson  
Benjamin Atwell
John Austin  
Cornelius Autry  
Isom Autry  
John Autry  
Thomas Averit
William Averit  
Thomas Ayres  
James Baily 
James Baker   
William Balckburn  
William Ball   
Peggy Barbare 
Frederick Barfield  
Lewis Barfield  
Sarah Barfield   
Stephen Barfield  
Joseph Barks   
John Barnet  
David Barnhill 
Lewis Barns  
Alse Bass  
Richard Bass 
Frederick Bearfield   
Austin Beasley  
Solomon Beasly  
Caleb Beck   
John Beck   
John SR. Beck 
Matthew Beck
William Beck
Thomas Bedsole
George Bell
Hezekiah Bell
Jesse Bell
Mary Bell
Mary Bell
Orson Bell
Robert Bell
Samuel Bell
Hardy Benton
Jonathan Benton
Joshua Benton
Josiah Benton
Samuel Benton
Benjamin Best
John Best
William best
Jacob Beverit
Joseph Jr. Bevin
Joseph SR. Bevin
William Bevin
Joseph Birch
Robert Bishop
Ann Blackman
Ichabod Blackman
Joab Blackman
Josiah Blackman
Stephen Blackman
Joshua Blake
James Bland
William Bland
John Blanton
Ezekiel Blizzard
Benjamin Blount
Warren Blount
Henry Bohaning
Daniel Boney
John Boney
Wimbrick Boney
Stephen Boon
William Boon
Charles Bostick
Clifton Bowen
Dann Bowen
Elijah SR. Bowen
Emanuel Bowser
Luke Bowser
Ephraim Boyd
Samuel Boyd
Widow Boyd
William Boyd
Smedeck Boykin
Stephen Brady
Moses Branch
James Brantly
Benjamin Bray
Joseph JR. Bray
Joseph SR. Bray
Peter Bray
James Brewer
Hillery Brinson
John Britton
Susannah Brittown
Bessant Brock
Dorothy Brock
Jesse Brock
John Brock
Lewis Brock
Orphans of B. Brock
Robert Brock
Joseph Brooks
Charles Brown
Jacob Brown
James Brown
Jesse Brown
John Brown
Stephen Brown
Michael Brumly
Austin Bryant
Bardham Bryant
David Bryant
John Bryant
Nicholas Bryant
Walter Bryant
William Bryant
Jeremiah Bullard
Thomas Bullard
William Bullard
James Bullock
Watson Burton
William Burton
John SR. Bush
Levi Bush
William Bush
Charles Butler
Christopher Butler
James Butler
Jesse Butler
John Butler
Robert Butler
William Butler
Daniel Byrd
Michael Byrd
Robert Byrd
Shadrach Byrd
Stephen Cade
John Caltron
Daniel Cameron
Philip Cameron
Archibald Cammel
Isaac Cammeron
Dempsey Canady
Joseph Canady
Richard Canady
David JR. Cannon
David SR. Cannon
John Cannon
Archibald Carr
Barbara Carr
John Carr
William Carr
Jesse Carrell
Elmore Carter
Rachel Carter
Solomon Carter
Zachariah Carter
John Cartey
Lyde Casteal
Silvester Cavender
James Chambers
John Chambers
Richard Chason
Alexander Chesnut
Nathaniel Clarathers
Benjamin Clark
Daniel Clark
David Clark
Gregory Clark
John Clark
Nathan Clark
Robert Coal
William Coal
Thomas Coggins
Anguish Colebirth
Neil Colebirth
William Colley
Cullin Connerly
Henry Cook
James Cook
John of Isle Creek Cook
John on Maxwell Cook
John on S Creek Cook
Joseph Cook
Lazarus Cook
Mary Cook
Mercurice Cook
William Cook
Coor Cooper
Fleet Cooper
George Cooper
George JR. Cooper
Richard Cooper
William Cooper
Richard Corbit
George Cornegy
Robert Cottle
John Cox
Joseph JR. Cox
Joseph SR. Cox
Solomon Cox
Jacob Crumpler
Matthew Crumpler
Thomas Crumpton
Thomas Cummins
Isaac Daniel
Jacob Daniel
Owen Daniels
William Daniels
Joseph Davidson
David Davis
Henry Davis
John Davis
John JR. Davis
John SR. Davis
Jonathan Davis
Sampson Davis
Isaac Dawson
Edward C. DE Brewl
Richard Dean
Sampson Dees
Edward Dickson
James Dickson
Joel Dickson
Joseph Dickson
Robert Dickson
William Dickson
James JR. Dobson
Solomon Dobson
David Dodd
Benjamin Dolany
James JR. Downing
James SR. Downing
Josiah Downing
Magdalene Duakes
Daniel Dudley
Levi Dudly
John Duff
William Duff
James Duglass
John Duglass
Edmond 1 Duncan
Edmond 2 Duncan
William Duncan
Jacob Dunn
Lemuel Dunn
John Durall
Billey Durden

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